Aliens Worldwide Choose to Vacation Everywhere But the United States!

ufo and an alien on a rock formation

New York, July 29, 2023 – In an unexpected turn of events, extraterrestrial visitors have made it crystal clear that they have a penchant for sightseeing worldwide, avoiding the United States like the plague. While people across the globe are reporting close encounters of the comical kind, the U.S. has been left in the cosmic dust.

From the scenic canals of Venice to the bustling streets of Tokyo, aliens have been descending upon various countries, mingling with locals, and experiencing everything Earth has to offer. They seem to be thrilled about their vacation choices, with some even spotted sporting Hawaiian shirts and sipping cocktails on the beaches of Bali.

However, disgruntled Americans are left wondering why their nation isn’t on the intergalactic itinerary. One UFO enthusiast, Bob, exclaimed with a hint of jealousy, “I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life, and now, these green-skinned cosmic tourists are just giving the U.S. a miss? Unbelievable!”

Rumors have begun circulating about the possible reasons behind this glaring oversight. Some claim that the aliens are avid readers of Earth’s online forums and have developed a strong aversion to Earth’s political dramas and divisive debates. An anonymous alien interviewed over a secure video call shared, “We checked out some of the heated arguments on social media from the U.S., and we didn’t want to get caught up in the ‘Earthling vs. Earthling’ debates. It seemed safer to explore more peaceful places.”

The news has prompted a flurry of memes and jokes on social media platforms worldwide. #AliensRateCountries trended on Twitter, with people from various nations posting hilarious memes, each vying to showcase their country’s charm and friendliness to attract alien visitors.

Meanwhile, American politicians are grappling with the unforeseen diplomatic conundrum. Senator Johnson proposed a resolution to establish an “Alien Welcoming Committee,” hoping to lure the extraterrestrial tourists to the U.S. with promises of free snacks and a tour of Area 51. However, experts suggest that this approach might be a little too cliché.

To add to the irony, a UFO was briefly spotted over the White House, but it promptly flew away without even stopping for a selfie with the President. The White House Press Secretary released a statement saying, “The President was willing to greet our visitors with open arms, but it appears that their plans are quite firm.”

As this global comedy unfolds, scientists have been studying the aliens’ behavior and comparing it to historical data on human vacation trends. Dr. Jane Goodall, the renowned primatologist, humorously remarked, “It seems that aliens, much like humans, have peculiar vacation preferences. Perhaps, they just want to avoid Earth’s peak tourist season – politics.”

While the reasons behind the aliens’ selective choices remain mysterious, one thing is clear: Earthlings are enthusiastically embracing the alien tourists, making every effort to ensure their vacations are filled with laughter, warm welcomes, and shared memories. So, if you happen to see a UFO hovering over your city, don’t fret; it’s probably just our green-skinned friends having the time of their lives somewhere else!

ufo and an alien on a rock formation

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